Certified Organic

The Acai Berries we use in our supplements have been certified organic by IBD Brazilian Government Department

Fair Trade Approved

Our Berries are sourced from 100% sustainable farms that work with indigenous tribes people under agreement

Freeze Dried At Source

Acai fruit is similar to garden peas, immediately after picking they start loosing nutrients, Our acai is freeze dried onsite

Finest Quality Acai

Pure Acai™ Supplements are made using the finest quality fruits harvested, certified organic from sustainable crops

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Why Choose Pure Acai™ Supplements?

Our products are certified for quality, we only use the finest quality fruit from each harvest.

Pure Freeze Dried Acai

Pure Acai™ supplements use berries that are freeze dried immediately after harvesting, this locks in the maximum amount of vitamins, nutrients & antioxidants.

Pure Organic Acai

We only use certified organic berries, ensuring no pesticides make their way into our supplements. Pesticides dissipate the vital nutrients that give acai berries their super food status.

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Pure Acai Capsules & Pure Acai Berry Supplements

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Beware of Acai Scams

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Freeze Dried Acai Berry

Freeze Dried Acai Berry

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The acai berry grows on a palm tree that goes by the same name, of which their are 8 different species that grow across central america. The berry is about the size of a grape but has a large stone inside (over 50% by size), meaning each one gives less pulp. Some indigenous tribes from the Amazon rely on the berries which make up over 40% of their natural diet.

Since their discovery in the mid 1990's the acai fruit has been used as a nutrition & dietary supplement by thousands of people, in the early days it was mainly used by celebrities and the wealthy due to its cost. In recent times, sustainable plantations the cost has dropped significantly, making the benefits this little fruit offer more accessible.

Their are many reasons why acai berries have become one of the most popular nutrition & health supplements in the last 20 years. They provide a rich source of antioxidants, these are properties that help boost the immune system, enabling it to better fight off illnesses. The weight loss benefits of acai berries is unconfirmed by science.

Acai jumped to the attention of the world as they are the main diet of Amazonian tribes who have very low rates of illness that are common in the west. Commonly used for osteoarthritis, dieting & weight loss, detoxing, vitality rejuvenation  and for improving overall well-being.